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Unleash the beast! (part 2)

WOW… and hell yes !!! We have the impression that not only Ilike has become a restless beast… The countless reactions to our blog earlier this week make us feel warm inside 💓. You are amazing! Thank you all for the great support, and even the first “post pandemic bookings”!

I’m sure it makes you dreaming too!!! Ilike is on the move!

On the other hand, many of you are afraid for the “worst case scenario”. What if… ??? Unfortunately, we can’t predict the future ☹.

But we can promise you this!
If the pandemic picks up, and travelling to Indonesia would become impossible again, you don’t lose your money! On the contrary: we have a great present. Not only will you be able to rebook to any future trip (no limitation in travel or booking period), for all new bookings we will increase your credit with an extra 10% to the already paid amounts.

Following conditions apply:

  • Paid amounts will be 110% transferred to the new departure date 
  • Indonesian government does not allow travelling of tourists to Indonesia, or country of origin does not allow travelling to Indonesia
  • Valid proof of the above should be provided
Indonesian sunsets…

Yes, you might end up with another voucher. On the other hand: we can say that chances are now high that you will be able to travel. And in that case, you will hit the jackpot! For over 2 years, many reefs have been free of human activity. They are healthier than ever and full of fishlife! Ever seen fireworks below surface? Don’t miss this chance of a lifetime

And to give you that final push (and help us filling up the empty spaces after startup), we will offer a 20% discount on all trips with departure until July 01st.

Still there? What are you waiting for? Check out our schedule and book “your long-waited-for dream diving holiday” on board of Ilike!

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