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A year of beauty, joy and adventure… We have experienced nothing more, nothing less! When Ilike was released from her “forced rest” for 2 long years, and we could finally start exploring again, it felt so incredibly good!!! We were the first ones out of the harbor and the first ones in the water! Our guests on board have been amazed by the experience they had on every single trip.

I want to say thank you!
“Thank you” to our guests, for the trust and the joy of having you on board.
“Thank you” to our loyal and professional agents!
“Thank you” to the Ilike family: it’s an honor to work with such an amazing team: the crew, the operations team, sales & marketing, the management and the owners! This dream is only possible thanks to you all!

A special “THANK YOU!” goes out to our beloved Ilike! She showed charm, beauty and devotion. We can count on her, she never lets us down!
That’s why we decided to send her on her yearly Spa treatment! A big team of professionals is giving her all the love and care she can dream of… They took her gently out of the water (drydock), and started treating her as a queen: new shafts, 2 brand-new bathrooms, engines overhaul, a complete new bow, a fresh layer of paint, and so many other things… Can’t wait to see her on the 28th, when we welcome our clients for the next trip. Ilike will be bright and shining as never before!

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