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Iliké Liveaboard

Frequently Asked Questions

Any time of the year, Indonesia offers good diving. Visibility may vary from season to season but 10 to 30 meters (35 to 100 ft.) can be expected at most dive sites. Since we are sailing around Indonesia, we also follow the best seasons in each area. Any trip you decide to join us, you can be sure it is te right season! Water temperatures can vary greatly from a low of 22°C to a high of 29°C. A 3-5mm wetsuit with hood is recommended year round. All diving is from tenders. Guests are also suggested to bring reef hooks for use at some dive spots.

The crew of Ilike Indonesia offers the ultimate diving service. While onboard, you may pick a buddy of your choice, or dive with one of the crewmembers. The yacht offers three to four dives per day depending on itinerary (dives on day before departure, depend on the flight times and sailing schedule), including night dives. The Ilike provides 12L tanks with DIN/INT adaptable valves, weight belts and weights. (15 L tanks are available upon request). All dives will be made from two comfortable dive tenders. Guests board the tender and then kit up their gear at the dive site. Enjoy fresh water showers on the dive deck after your dives. All diving onboard the Ilike should be within the limits and standards of the training agency that certified you, and all dives should be planned no decompression dives.

We suggest you pack the following: mask, fins, snorkel, regulator with pressure gauge, depth gauge, dive computer, torch, reef hook, BCD, wetsuit, and surface marker buoy. Dive computers are mandatory for each guest.

A full line of rental gear is available aboard including regulators, BCD’s, dive computers, and torches.Rates are as follows, and should be paid on board:*Mask, Snorkel and Fins: + € 4.- per diving day*Regulator: + € 10.- per diving day*Wetsuit: + € 7.- per diving day*BCD: + € 10.- per diving day*Torch: + € 7.- per diving day*Dive Computer: + € 7.- per diving day*Full set (Includes Mask and snorkel, Fins, Regulator, Wetsuit, computer and BCD): + € 35.- per diving day*15 liter tank: + € 5.- per diving day*Weight belt: + € 0.50 per diving day*SMB: + € 10.- per tripWe advise to book your rental equipment minimum 1 month before departure to make sure that the correct sizes are available.

Diving in Indonesia can be challenging due to strong currents, and dive sites are in most cases very remote! This means that any help (doctor, hospital or recompression chamber are most of the time several hours or days away! Divers should be able to dive without help of an instructor. Our dive guides are there to guide, and for unlikely cases of emergency.Therefor we require a minimum dive experience of 75 logged dives, and a minimum certification level CMAS**, Padi advanced or similar.If you have between 50 and 75 logged dives, we can arrange a private dive guide for you if booking is made minimum 1 month before departure. This extra service is at additional cost and subject to availability. Please note that schedule will not be changed to meet the dive skills of unexperienced divers.

Our schedule always requires domestic flights to the port of embarkation, or back from to port of disembarkation. If you have booked your flight tickets with Garuda Indonesia Airlines, these domestic flights might be included in your international flight ticket.In any other case you will have to book additional domestic flights. If you require any assistance, do not hesitate to contact us. Our local contacts will find you the most interesting connections and rates.

Our crew will welcome you upon arrival in the local airport, and guide you to Ilike. Please make sure that your flight details are introduced in our reservation system correctly, to avoid annoying situations of misunderstandings and waiting in the airport!As soon as all guest have arrived on board Ilike, we leave for the trip. This can be on the day of arrival, or if any clients have booked a late arrival flight, we also might leave early morning of the next day.

The menu onboard is varied and plentiful, with a variety of Western feasts and local cuisine. If you have any special dietary requirements, please be sure these are noted when completing the booking form in our website reservation system. You will awaken to fresh fruits, hot entrees, cereals and juices.Lunches are buffet-style featuring delicious local cuisine. Chef prepared dinners are served each evening and include salads, vegetables, seafood, beef or chicken with a fresh homemade dessert. Certain special dietary and beverage requests may not be available due to the remote nature of this location.Whether it’s your anniversary, birthday, honeymoon, wedding or you are celebrating a 100th dive, please let us know so the crew can celebrate your occasion. Kindly advise about these celebrations in your booking form, prior to traveling so the crew is notified in advance.

The Ilike’s selection includes fruit juices, soft drinks, mineral water, coffee, tea, and a limited selection of local beer and wine. Water, tea and coffee are complimentary, and all other drinks are charges at reasonable prices. Due to the high duty charged on liquor, we suggest you bring your special brand. Drinking and diving do not mix. Once you consume alcohol, you become a snorkeler until the next day.

Payments on board of Ilike can be done in EURO, USD or local currency. No credit cards are accepted, so please make sure that you carry enough cash money with you. Since we are often operating in remote areas, it is often impossible to get money from an ATM. At the end of the trip, each guest must pay a fee (between 120 and 400€ per person depending on lenght and area of the trip) onboard when settling your bill. This fee includes Marine Park fees, licenses, Port fees, local taxes and fuel supplements. Rupiah (IDR) is the official currency. It is required for all guests to have some local currency as departure taxes and overweight baggage charges MUST be paid in local currency. Each passenger is required to pay an airport tax at check in. Payment can only be made in local currency.

Each cabin is equipped with twin, round plug sockets with 220 volts. Although we do have universal power strips available which, in theory, do accept plugs from most countries, divers are encouraged to bring their own plug adapters. For added convenience, we have an special charging station with all available plugs and USB ports for charging.

We strongly recommend each guest purchase comprehensive accident, medical, baggage and trip cancellation and interruption insurance when space is reserved. Trip insurance will protect you from financial disappointment if you are prevented from making your scheduled trip due to illness, family illness or in the event that unforeseen circumstances prevent the airline or yacht from making its scheduled trip. In the event you cancel your trip, be familiar with our cancellation policies.When sailing in remote areas, a recompression chamber might not be available in the area. A diving insurance is obligatory for every diver entering the boat. Without a diving insurance, diving on board of Ilike is not allowed!

Ilike Indonesia has a first aid kit onboard, including oxygen. You may want to bring motion sickness medication if you feel you will need it. Currents and winds may cause heavy movement of the yacht at times. We recommend a complete physical before your trip.There is NO smoking allowed inside the yacht or on the dive deck.

Please plan to travel light, as on all live-aboard dive yachts, space is limited. We recommend that you pack your gear in soft luggage such as a duffel bag for easy stowage and to add to your comfort in your cabin. Clothing should be lightweight, comfortable sportswear; sunscreen and swimsuits are a must. A light sweater or jacket is ideal for evenings. Dress is always casual and informal. Additional items you may want to bring are sunglasses and walking shoes for you time on shore.

If you have a favorite movie, digital presentation or a video to share, we encourage you to bring it along. The crew especially loves new releases of DVD’s, movies, CD’s, recent magazines and books. A small library of books for exchange is maintained onboard as well as fish identification books for reference.

Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months beyond your period of stay and you must have a return airline ticket to travel. It is the travelers’ responsibility to ensure they have the proper documentation to travel into each country on his or her itinerary as well as for re-entry and return to their country. Please check withthe appropriate consulate to ensure you have the proper documentation. Always check your passport and visa requirements.PLEASE NOTE: For clients of most nationalities that are flying in to, and out of Jakarta and/or Denpasar, it is NOT necessary to buy Indonesian visa for stays of maximum 30 days.Since regulations vary by country, contact your consulate or embassy of your country for the requirement. The Reservation Office and staff cannot assume responsibility for passengers not having correct documentation.

Remember to bring your certification card and logbook. The divemaster requires proof of certification before the first dive. If you intend to dive on Nitrox, don’t forget to bring also your Nitrox certification card.

There is a mini-boutique onboard, which sells t-shirts. One day during the week, the crew will have a ‘boutique day’. Iliké Indonesia accepts only cash. Sorry, no Visa & MasterCard, personal checks, Travelers Checks, Amex or Discover Cards. Purchases and transactions on board the vessel are subject to local taxes and charges.

Liferafts: 2 x 25 pax, 125% of the capacity of guest and crew members.Hydrostatic release unit for Liferafts: 2xLiferings: 4 x with self-igniting lights and floating ropeMOB: 1x Man Over board, MOB is DSC Transmitter ensuring your position is sent out to AIS Receivers and Chartplotters within a 5 mile Radius, Automatic activation with contact in water and attached to one life ring.Lifejackets: 125% of the capacity of guest and crew members.Line showing apparatus: Rocket launching gun with rope.Parachutes distress rockets: 12xRed hand-held flares: 8xHand -held Smoke Signals: 4xSart: Search and rescue trasponder: 1xTwo Way Radio telephony: 2xOrdinary radios 27CH: 6xVHF Radio: 1xSattelite phone: 1x Iridium Go!Epirb (An Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon or EPIRB is used to alert search and rescue services in the event of an emergency. It does this by transmitting a coded message via the free to use, multinational Cospas Sarsat network. A 406 MHz distress frequency signal is sent via satellite and earth stations to the nearest rescue co-ordination centre.)GPS: 1 x Garmin, 1 x Furuno, 1x Maxi marine chartsRadar: 1xAis: An automatic tracking system that uses transponders on ships and is used by vessel traffic services (VTS). When satellites are used to detect AIS signatures, the term Satellite-AIS (S-AIS) is used. AIS information supplements marine radar, which continues to be the primary method of collision avoidance for water transport.Echo sonding device: 2x Bow and sternMain fire pump: 1xEmergency pump: 1 x Honda Alkon 2 inchWater metal pipe from main pump to bow: 1xWater hose domestic: 2xHydrant hose:Fire detection device: 1 x corridor. 1 x saloonFire blanket: 2 x in kitchen*Fire extinguishers: 7 x positioned on strategic locations along the boat

Operations Manager Indonesia: +62 812 362 778 67

Sales Manager: +32 474 47 13 49

Crew gratuities are not included in the charter. We believe gratuities should be voluntary and based upon the quality of service the crew has provided. Please consider that for most crew members, this tip is used to send to their family, wife and children at home. It is an important source of income for them!If you are happy with the service provided, we recommend a tip of minimum 1€ per crewmember per day. Since we have 16 crew members on board, this would be 16€ per day spend on board. When settling your account the Captain/Cruise Director will have an envelope for gratuities that will be divided equally among the crew.

Yes, we accept sidemount diving under following conditions:1. Diver must have sidemount certification2. Diving is strictly in recreational diving limits.3. We only offer 12L tanks.4. The request must be sent minimum 1 month before the start of the trip, and is subject to availability. We have a limited number of tanks available.5. An extra 12L tank is at extra charge of 6€ / dive.6. Tanks should be handled individually. Our crew should be able to handle tanks one by one (transportation of the tanks from Ilike to tenders and vice versa, getting in and out of the water, …)

Although we have dive instructors on board, we do not offer dive courses on board of Ilike. Remember that we already require a minimum “advanced” dive qualification and 75 logged dives.

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