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Discover Maluku


Marine Life

Muck paradise: critters like pygmee seahorses, mimic octopus and many others.

Dive Info

Advanced AND minimum 75 logged dives


Also wall diving around the island; the best of both worlds.

Scenery & Beach

Perfect destination for adventurers and tourists. Historical culture, waterfall.


Currents are gentle, occasionally strong.

Water Temperature

26°C to 29°C

Ambon, the capital of the Maluku’s province. It is the most populated city in the area and its phenomenal muck diving is considered as one of the best in the world. The city is spit by an enormous Bay, that since recently is connected by a bridge. 

Cuttlefish, seahorses, octopus and many other critters find their home in this deep Bay. It is muck diving in its purest state. One of the most famous dive site is Twighligh in Laha village. As the name says it feels like twighlight even in broad daylight. You may first wonder why your guide brought you here, but than a whole new world opens to you. 

Creatures that you have never seen before or even knew exi- sted. Here we can find such critters as a harlequin shrimp or hairy frogfish, flamboyant cuttlefish, seahorses, mototi, hairy, starry wonderpus are just a few of the many different species of octopus you can find here. 

Biggest highlights are rhinopias or the elusive psychedelic frog fish, other than in Bali it is never found anywhere else in the world. We also have a wreck in the bay, the Duke of Sparta. A steel English cargo that sunk as it was stuck by a Douglas B-26 bomb in 1958. 

Don’t forget the beautiful coral gardens found outside the Bay. There is a huge natural rock bridge, called, Pintu Kota. It is cove- red in beautiful and colourful soft corals, with great marine life. 

Nusa Laut incredible diving as Ahmed the small village that protects the area against illegal fishing does a great job conserving this area. Big schools of jacks, rainbow runners, tuna, spanish mackerel, but there is also the chance for big pelagics


Destination FAQ

The Maluku region of Indonesia, more widely known as the Moluccas, is popular with divers of all levels of experience because of the good diving conditions and unique marine life. Ambon (the provincial capital of Maluku, located on Ambon Island in the Banda Sea) is the most popular diving destination in South Maluku and is considered a world-class diving destination with much to discover. Here, divers can find wrecks, drift diving, macro life, reefs, and caves. Ambon is one of Asia’s finest muck-diving spots.

Ambon offers two types of diving: Muck-diving mostly in Ambon Bay and reef/wall diving around the island; the best of both worlds.

Dive conditions in Ambon are good all year round  The island is more sheltered than other areas of the Banda Sea and can therefore be dived all year round. Visibility is variable around Ambon and seldom exceeds 20m. At some of the muck dive sites it can be very low but, when the subjects you are viewing are only a few centimetres in front of your mask, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Maluku is a province in the eastern part of Indonesia. Having many islands and surrounded by the sea makes this province is a perfect destination for adventurers and tourists. Not only its famous blue beaches, Maluku has also historical culture and a waterfall attraction that is quite beautiful.

 Gentle but can be occasionally strong

26 to 29 degrees

Destinations & Itineraries

Discover the hidden gems and breathtaking dive sites that this tropical paradise has to offer. Prepare to be enchanted by the unparalleled beauty of Indonesia's underwater world.



  • Year built 2010
  • Length 32m
  • Width 8m
  • Capacity 16guests / 16 crew
  • Hull Ironwood
  • Body Teak
  • Ratio guests/Dive guide 4/1

The Iliké

The ILIKE was built on Sulawesi in Bira in 2010. It is the area where the local tribe is famous for building the strong and reliable phinisi boats, the traditional ships specifically designed and built for travelling the Indonesian archipelago.

Ilike hosts a total of 16 guests in 8 cabins that are fully air-conditioned with ensuite bathroom with hot water shower, toilet and sink. Indonesian and International meals will be served in the spacious saloon with open kitchen, or in the outdoor sitting area at the stern of the boat, well protected from wind while sailing. The comfortable dive deck in front of the boat is one of the most spacious on Indonesian liveaboards. As a diver you can choose to dive on Air or Nitrox from our membrane Nitrox compressor. Between dives you are invited to catch some sun on our sun deck, where you will also enjoy spectacular sunsets, sipping a cool drink!

The yacht is powered by 2 x 320HP marine engines, allowing us to cruise at an average speed of 9-10 knots across Indonesia. We schedule top diving destinations like Komodo, Alor, Maluku, Banda Sea, Triton Bay, Raja Ampat and Kalimantan. Rich marine life, healthy corals and stunning landscapes may soon become your memories after a stay on board of Ilike. We look forward to welcome you on board!

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