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Discover Komodo


Marine Life

Here you have it all: macro, muck, big.

Dive Info

Advanced AND minimum 75 logged dives.


Pinnacles and untouched reefs.

Scenery & Beach

Amazing landscapes and viewpoints. Komodo dragons!


Strong uprising and nutrient rich currents.

Water Temperature

From 20° - 29°C in 1 trip: 5mm wetsuit with hoodie!

KOMODO Is known for some of its cooler waters, beautiful corals, impressive fish life and fast currents.

Komodo National Marine Park, because of its location, it is one of the best places in the world where you can find an amazing biodiversity. It is part of the famous CORAL TRIANGLE and is declared a UNESCO WORLD HERRITAGE site.

In the north of Komodo NMP we have the Flores Sea where after few miles from the coast reaches depths of 5000 meters, or even more towards Banda Sea.

At the south, we have the Indian Ocean with also great depths a few miles out.Komodo NMP has an average depth of about 150 meters, so when we have tidal movement of 2 meters rising or falling tide, the water comes from very deep and needs to rush through Flores and Komodo Island where only shallow water is found.

The consequences are that the water has to pass between islands at high speed, forming currents that provide nutrients and oxygen rich waters to the fish and the coral reef. Currents are for the underwater world like the logistics in any big city. Having strong currents equals to have more shipments of supplies for the city. Plenty of nutrients arrive to these waters and makes and spectacle of life wherever you look.The big difference of characteristics between Flores Sea and Indian Ocean gives a more variety of marine life at different islands.

The environment below and above water at the Northern Komodo has nothing in common with the South.

North Komodo National Park the water temperature is usually nice and warm from the Flores Sea (27ª-29ª). There is an abundance of fish on these underwater pinnacles, schooling surgeons, big eye jacks, snapper or barracudas and pelagic are a common site.The further South we travel the water temperature will drop (18ª-24ª). Padar island has some beautiful sites where we can start to feel the influence of the Indian Ocean. More nutrients in the water is giving the corals a different look, colours are sharper, fish life is about to change. Even further South, we have Nusa Kode this horseshoe shaped bay has stunning corals. Not only in a rainbow of colours but also the size. Fish live in abundance and creatures you may have never seen before in your life, they may remind you the monsters that live under your bed as a child.

There is muck diving in places you least expect and under water pinnacles attract big schools of snapper, big eye jacks, surgeon fish, barracuda’s and Spanish mackerel. You feel like you fly over beautiful coral gardens that you can barely see because of the amount of fish darting in the currents. Manta rays have their own cleaning stations, that we can visit. Here we can observe them getting cleaned but if the currents bring in the right nutrients and krill, they will start to feed, shooting to the surface to dive down while with their mouths wide open, filtering the water.

Your trip is not complete without meeting the last living dinosaurs, the Komodo Dragons. you will get a chance to see them up close at the National Park. With a bit of luck, you will also see the macaque monkeys, some deer’s, wild pig and wild horse.


Destination FAQ

Amazing bio diversity, from the smallest macro till schools of manta’s

Manta’s, Komodo dragon, Pygmies seahorses, reef sharks, Mimic octopus, frogfishes

Batu Bolong, Castle Rock, Secret garden, Nusa Kode, Canibal rock, Manta Alley, …. Are only a few of the famous dive spots 

The diving season in Komodo typically runs from April to November. During this time, water temperatures average around 27°C, and visibility can reach up to 30 meters. The Komodo National Park is made up of three main islands, Komodo, Rinca, and Padar.

The island is extremely scenic and idyllic, and the surrounding views of Komodo and the other islands are breathtaking

Strong daily tidal flows combine with nutrient-rich water upwelling from the depths of the Indian Ocean to create ideal conditions for thousands of species of corals and tropical fish to flourish.

Around 27 till 29 degrees, but in the south (manta Alley) the temperature can drop down till 20 degrees

Destinations & Itineraries

Discover the hidden gems and breathtaking dive sites that this tropical paradise has to offer. Prepare to be enchanted by the unparalleled beauty of Indonesia's underwater world.



  • Year built 2010
  • Length 32m
  • Width 8m
  • Capacity 16guests / 16 crew
  • Hull Ironwood
  • Body Teak
  • Ratio guests/Dive guide 4/1

The Iliké

The ILIKE was built on Sulawesi in Bira in 2010. It is the area where the local tribe is famous for building the strong and reliable phinisi boats, the traditional ships specifically designed and built for travelling the Indonesian archipelago.

Ilike hosts a total of 16 guests in 8 cabins that are fully air-conditioned with ensuite bathroom with hot water shower, toilet and sink. Indonesian and International meals will be served in the spacious saloon with open kitchen, or in the outdoor sitting area at the stern of the boat, well protected from wind while sailing. The comfortable dive deck in front of the boat is one of the most spacious on Indonesian liveaboards. As a diver you can choose to dive on Air or Nitrox from our membrane Nitrox compressor. Between dives you are invited to catch some sun on our sun deck, where you will also enjoy spectacular sunsets, sipping a cool drink!

The yacht is powered by 2 x 320HP marine engines, allowing us to cruise at an average speed of 9-10 knots across Indonesia. We schedule top diving destinations like Komodo, Alor, Maluku, Banda Sea, Triton Bay, Raja Ampat and Kalimantan. Rich marine life, healthy corals and stunning landscapes may soon become your memories after a stay on board of Ilike. We look forward to welcome you on board!

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